Case Study

Global Infrastructure Partners
GIP II Investor Presentation

Global Infrastructure Partners is a leading independent infrastructure investment company. D&F was hired to re-engineer an existing presentation with the goals of introducing a new way to convey the narrative, create a unique graphic look and set the fund apart from the competition.

Copy was reworked and repositioned, important data was identified and new headlines were written. A new templated design was introduced to establish consistency, continuity and readability. Charts and graphs were reformatted and standardized to create eye-catching visuals to enhance the data. “Fast Facts” created by D&F provided an eye-popping vehicle to highlight important data initially lost within dense copy. A color coded system and section dividers were introduced to aid in the navigation and pacing of the presentation.

The success of the new presentation established a standard for branding GIP across all collateral and set the Client apart from the competition. Elements introduced from this project have been implemented in GIP’s annual reports, website, limited partnership meetings and a capabilities brochure.